The World's Most Innovative Free Form Lens Manufacturing Equipment.

The World's Most Innovative Free Form Lens Manufacturing Equipment.

Digital Free-form Blocker

Attaching lens blanks to a block has been a century old problem with many attempts to improve this task failing. The new NCRx blocker is expected to revolutionize this process.


Throughout the world, there have been several decades-old problems surrounding the typical mounting of eyeglass lens blanks to a metal assembly referred to as a block. Once the lens blank has been bonded to the block, the block and blank can be mounted in a variety of machines to create a prescription lens. The process is called blocking.

Blocking a lens blank is relatively simple in concept but, can introduce a number of problems. The NCRx blocker solves these problems with an innovative design that practically eliminates consumable usage while saving time and reducing the cost per lens!


  • Lower Cost per Lens
  • No Tape
  • No Wax
  • No Alloy
  • No Bonding Material Reclaim
  • No Lens Thermal Stress
  • No Chiller
  • No Waiting to Surface
  • No Unwanted Prism
  • Precise Lens Thickness, Always
  • Automatically Adjusts for Lens Diameter
  • Fast
  • Few Block Types
  • Easy to de-block
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Small Desktop Footprint
  • Low Utility Cost
  • Easy to Operate

Blocker Technical Specs

Maximum Lens Dameter 80 mm
Block Clamping System Block ∅ 43 mm
Lens Material CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®
Back Curve Range Concave 0 – 18 Diopters (High Index)
Power Requirements 100-240 V AC 50-60Hz, 1∅, 6 A Max
Air Requirement N/A
Water Requirement N/A
Vacuum Requirements N/A
Machine Weight (approx.) 50 Lbs. (estimated)
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 25" X 16" X 21"
Operating Temperture 50 to 90 Degrees F