The World's Most Innovative Free Form Lens System.

The World's Most Innovative Free Form Lens System.


Digital Free-form Polisher

An effective polishing system is the most important element for clarity. Our Compact Digital Free-form Lens Polisher has two lens polishing capability. We feature a higher throughput and pre and post-wash cycle! No more slurry around the lab or on your hands.


The NCRx Digital Lens Manufacturing System includes a free- form polisher that is ideal for in-office lens manufacturing. Unlike other more bulky and “industrial-sized” systems, the Digital Lens Manufacturing System features a polish cycle that is self-contained and clean.

The lens is washed both before and after the process. This is critical to avoid any debris to be left behind on the lens which can lead to scratching and other remake issues further down in the lens manufacturing process. The digital free-form polisher is on casters which allows it to be maneuvered easily and reduces the effective footprint.


  • Pre and post-wash cycle
  • Less polish contamination.
  • Less time needed to clean and inspect.
  • Self-contained polish slurry system:
  • Full polish slurry temperature control.
  • Continuous slurry filtering.
  • Enclosed polishing area
  • Less evaporation.
  • Less contamination.
  • Longer lasting polish.
  • Simple up-keep.
  • Less space
  • Integrated polisher and slurry system occupies less space.
  • Battery back-up
  • Power glitch tolerant.

Polishing Machine Technical Specs

 Polishing Machine
Maximum Lens Dameter 80 mm
Block Clamping System Block ∅ 43 mm
Lens Material CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®
Back Curve Range Concave 0 – 18 Diopters (High Index)
Power Requirements 105-125 V AC 50-60Hz, 1∅, 8 A Max
Air Requirement Oil & H2O Free, 60-80 PSI @ 2 CFM Intermittent
Water Requirement 30-60 PSI @ < 2 GFM Intermittent
Vacuum Requirements N/A
Machine Weight (approx.) 350 Lbs.
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 63" X 25" X 60"
Operating Temperture 50 to 90 Degrees F