NCRx  Optical Solutions History

The company was founded by Dr. Larry Siders, an optometrist with an engineering background and a thorough understanding of lens making.  With the help of a highly experienced motion control engineering staff, the company went on to develop a unique freeform surfacing and polishing system.  The

 surfacing and polishing machines were integrated together using an NCRx software system that allows for job entry and control without a lab management system or third-party. The system is delivered pre-connected to a top-quality freeform design company.

To enhance an already respectable throughput the company has developed a standalone cribbing device and PC diamond ball mills as accessories.

Since the first system, produced some years ago, NCRx Optical Solutions Inc. has made many improvements and has been manufacturing and marketing machines for several years.  The performance of the systems in actual labs has been excellent. 

Based on our success with the NCRx Lab, an integrated digital freeform surfacing polishing system, NCRx Optical Solutions Inc. has developed other accessories for the lab to greatly improve efficiency, quality and flexibility.

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