NCRx Ball Mill

Precision 20 mm diameter PC diamond ball mill is not just well-suited for use in NCRx lab equipment but can be a great benefit in a Coburn XGS or similar surface generators.

  • Cut up to 10X more lenses
  • Save money on tools
  • Stop wasting time changing tools
  • Stop wasting time recalibrating
  • Cut CR 39, Polly, Trivex and High Index
  • 4 fluted all-purpose design







NCRx  Lab Accessory Products

Cribs CR 39, polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index

                              * Simple to Operate
                              * Weighs Only 45 Pounds
                              * Has a Footprint of Less Than 2 Ft.²
                              * Crib Diameter Easily Adjusted
                             * Runs on Standard 120 V AC 60 Hz Power

 The NCRx Cribber is a standalone, manually operated, machine that is intended to easily and accurately reduce the diameter of the lens blanks.  It uses a 20 mm ball mill, driven by a high-speed 2+ horsepower motor, which removes the unneeded material on the outer diameter of the lens blank.

 With his small benchtop footprint (see specification) and standard power requirements, just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

 The cribber is first adjusted to the crib diameter needed by moving a stop position to the desired diameter.  The indicator allows adjustment to within 0.5 mm.  The vacuum system is then energized (not provided).  A blocked lens is then simply placed into the chuck, tightened, moved into the cutting area, and then driven into the ball mill at the adjusted diameter.  The only motion electrically driven is the ball mill.

 Even when cutting large polycarbonate blanks the job is done in less than 10 seconds.  Having pre-cribbed lens blanks provides several advantages.

•      Reduces cutting time on surfacing machine.

•      Increases the tool life on surfacing machine.

•      Reduces number tool changes on surfacing machine.

•      Increases the life expectancy of the surfacing machine.

•      Reduces number of lens design rejections.

The cribber may also be used to reduce the diameter of lenses prior to edging.  This reduces the wear and tear on edging machinery and improves edging time.

NCRx Cribber

Finally a low-cost, simple to operate, tabletop machine to take lens blanks down to size in seconds.
Extend the life of your surfacing equipment by up to 50%!!

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