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106 Commerce Boulevard
Lawrence PA 15055 

NCRx Optical Solutions Inc. has produced a very cost-effective freeform system that does not just include the needed machines to produce the lenses but a software package that reduces third-party fees.

The system contains many features which include the ability to use wax blocking, two lens surfacing, smaller blank size requirement, on frame center surfacing, dry cutting, self-contained engraving and scribing, multi-axis  polishing, pre-and post-washing and a freeform software module.

The NCRx Lab  produces a pair at a time so order entry and production are in step all the way through the Generator/Polishing process.

The NCRx Lab handles CR39, Poly, Trivex and all hi-index materials

For more details on the NCRx Lab click through the Slide presentation below!  It will give you specific details on the system, its benfits and features.

The NCRx Lab